Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love Me, Love My Pigs

Rusty and Lily were close companions right from the start.

Matty said to me this evening,

Is it true there's a picture of you on the internet lying with those pigs in a pigsty?

Um. I wasn't actually lying, just sort of, y'know, reclining and it wasn't in a dirty part or anything....

Humph. That's a nice thing to have the world to see. Our Eamon told me.

Thanks bruv.

Honestly! Life was far simpler before they told Matty about the internet.


Anonymous said...

U should know nothing's sacred, cousin Mary, but it's good that auntie Martha is still giving u a ticking off.

Nelly said...

Oh she still does that She's got me on a diet too. says I'm getting too fat!

tony said...

Why wouldn't you want to be photographed with them, they are beautiful!!