Sunday, December 05, 2010

All The Fun Of The Snow

All last week I was late for work. No matter what time I left I was still late. I could have left at a time, say 7am-7:30am, that would have got me in on time but then I'd have been really early and that would have been even more time to freeze my ass off in our not fit for purpose office. We're moving to a new one soon but it'll be a week or so yet. So I was late Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. No one said anything. I spent a lot of time at Matty's too and each evening I was getting home late. I'm behind with everything at home.

On Thursday morning it took me 40 minutes to drive from home to Zoe's to pick up Miss Martha. It usually takes around 15 minutes. We spent the morning at home and the afternoon at Matty's. I left Miss Martha and Miss Hannah home, spent a couple of hours at home then drove out to Matty's on Thursday evening. I was there until 7pm last night.

Then I had a pleasant evening at home with Bert. We tried the new Indian takeaway in Cullybackey which I'd recommend. That and a couple of bottles of wine put the evening in nicely. This morning I had a long lie in, then got up, had breakfast, updated my Wordscraper and Lexulous games, did some washing and took the pigs for a walk up the back lane.

I'm waiting now for the call back to Matty's. Kerry Sister set off from West of Dingle this morning, hit black ice three miles from home and put her car off the road. It's unlikely she'll make it to Matty's today. Must go now and have a shower and see if I can find some clean clothes to wear.

It's been quite a week. A fine week to find out on Monday that some dirty, rotten bastard used my debit card to treat themselves to 490 quid's worth of goods at Asda Direct. I wonder what they bought?


Grannymar said...

That was a tough one. I hope the stinking stealing b*st*rd lives long enough for someone to do the same to them!

Nelly said...

Well no matter how hard things are, someone else always gets it harder. Kerry Sister's car is wrecked. It can't be said that she emerged without a scratch from the accident because she had to crawl through brambles to get up to the road. She says she feels 'OK' but tomorrow might tell a tale.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Kerry Sister's car - but better the car than her.A good warm soak in the epsom salts helps with the aches.

As for the rotten dirty b*stard, "Bad cess to his crooked feet!" as my Galway gran would say.


Brighid said...

Very cute pic of the girls! They are beautiful.
What a rotten week for you & your sis. Things are bound to look up now.
Gus & I made the marathon drive (1,000 miles roundtrip) up to my Sean's. Only ran into snow driving on the mtn passes. Spent a great week with him & the grandgirls.