Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mum's Field.

Mum's Field., originally uploaded by triciamorimori.

This is something like the view I would have from the kitchen window, where I currently sit, if that window wasn't all steamed up from the vegetable broth I have on the hob. The extractor fan is far too noisy and would disturb my present tranquillity. Matty is napping and the only sounds I can hear are the pipple of the broth, the churn of the washing machine and a constant hum of traffic from the Lisnevenagh Road.

The light in Tricia's photograph is so beautiful and begs to be shared.


hails said...

Yes, that really is a gorgeous photo. Beautiful view. The only view I have from my window is of the walls and windows of the apartment building opposite mine!

Grannymar said...

That looks so tranquil.

Nelly said...

Country living y'know. Usually some sort of a view. The best one ever (for me) was our last house which looked out at Slemish and the Antrim hills.


Mind you - that view is still accessible but I'd have to walk out the back lane to see it.

A. said...

That's one of those priceless views -so peaceful that make me thankful to Mother Nature.

I have a bit of one at sundown out of a kitchen window, just catches the sun disappearing beneath the land mass to the west and
framed in the lower branches of an old cedar tree. Very calming at day's end.

Nelly said...

A while back there were sheep in that field and Matty used to watch what they got up to. She said, "Sheep have meetings. They take it in turns to stand in the middle of the group and take charge of the meeting." I wonder if that's true?

Anonymous said...

I've heard seagulls having very contentious board meetings - wouldn't be at all surprised to know Matty's correct about the sheep.


Nelly said...

I hate meetings myself. Glad I'm not a seagull or a sheep.