Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Snippy Snip Snip. Here I Come!

I've been feeling rather depressed recently - the weather, orphanhood, stuff like that. Yesterday I got called upon by two distressed people who needed my support, so I decided I was fed up of being in a funk and that I would make a big effort to crawl out of the slough of despond.

So today I gardened. I gardened for six and a half hours.

I edged.
I weeded.
I trimmed.
I divided.
I tied up.
I watered.
I fertilised.
I potted on.
I made two little planters for Matty's grave and I took lots of climbing hydrangea and vitis cuttings.

But I missed the little snips we used to have when Dee Mac was here. They were dinky little sharp things that could do delicate work when it came to taking cuttings. You could put them in your pocket and occasionally when you'd move or bend they'd stick into you. They'd give you just a little prick - no harm done.

I decided to seek them out on the internet which, incidentally, seems to be on a go-slow today. I tried Amazon. I found just what I wanted. I tried to buy them and I wasn't allowed! They are apparently too hazardous to send to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands. I daresay I could kill someone with them but it would take ages and to tell the truth I've got much scarier sharpishness in my kitchen drawer.


ganching said...

Glad you have cheered up. If you like you can buy the little snips and have them sent to me and I will then post them to you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have done the planters - the phrase Matty's grave reduced me to tears but i am so glad you are looking after it (not forgetting Daddy of course) xx London Sister

Anonymous said...

I hope you're not suggesting that I took your snippy snips !!!! I may well have planted them with a liner in a three litre pot ... that's where , I think , most of the things that disappeared ended up ! Anyway , get yourself down Dunelm , they sell them there in the fabric department .

Nelly said...

Ganching - if Dee Mac is right I'll get them local - save the bother but thanks for the offer.

LS - hope ro get the planters in situ on Friday.

Dee Mac - not at all. Bert says you always bought them and they usually ended up buried in the compost heap!

Brighid said...

Glad your doing the garden...and feeling a little more yourself.
I took pinwheels to my grandparents graves the other day. Asked Granny how things were going and the pinwheel went round...Asked her if grandpa was still hiding the booze bottles and the pinwheel started going round so fast I could hardly keep up. I love talking to granny!

Nelly said...

And we'll be just as entertaining when we're very old. At least, I hope so!