Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Three Marthas

It has been a 'brave while' since I posted to The Garden. Too much going on. That's when I get the block on. Meanwhile, thanks to a family visit and the gift of a digital photograph of my great-grandmother I am head and ears back at the old family tree. It calms me. If anyone is going to make a record of the many descendants of Granda Ned then that is going to be me. There are plenty others working on the ancestors and the ten thousand cousins in Australia. I'll concentrate on the ones that are (mostly) still with us. So far I have discovered that if it wasn't for Granda Ned the whole G.A.A. scene in County Antrim would be much the poorer.

This is Martha who was my mother Martha's grandmother. She died in 1939 when my mother was thirteen.
Martha, my mother and Miss Martha's great-granny, pictured shortly after her grandmother died.

And this is Miss Martha who is a great-great-great granddaughter of the lady who was Miss Martha Donnelly from Randalstown before she married James McAnespie in Belfast. Does anyone else see a similarity in the brow area? It is a family trait that helps us give good frown faces.

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