Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Like Lots Of Wine

I have just bottled the birch sap wine. There was a glassful over after I filled six bottles and I have sipped it while watching a programme about Canadian wolves. I think I am drunk and wonder if this is a good thing?

Since I started making wine in August 2011 I have bottled  the following. Those in italics are ones that have already been polished off.

Blackcurrant (one bottle left to age)
Rhubarb 2
Blackberry & Raspberry
Rhubarb 1
Parsnip 1
Parsnip 2
Birch Sap

The blackcurrant was far too dry and acidic. I won't be using that recipe again. 

The carrot is a beautiful colour but a bit on the sweet side. I'll make it again but try for a dry finish.

The peach was wonderful. We drank it over the July holidays because it popped the corks. It's OK to drink peach young. William (my mentor) declared it to be the nicest wine he'd ever tasted.

We tackled a bottle of rhubarb at the weekend and it was very pleasant. I've made three batches of rhubarb and they are always different colours. William said he has the same experience. This one was pale pink. 

The bramley is gone. I used a recipe that called for crab apples. At one point I topped it up with cider and that's what it tasted like. Strong Somerset cider. Apparently apple wines should be drunk quickly. No problem.

I've only had sips of the rest. I'm really looking forward to the Blackberry and Raspberry. That came about because there just weren't enough blackberries last year. Another one that promises to be delicious is the damson. There were damn few damsons this year so, sadly, I'll hardly be making that one again for a while.

The birch sap has a very refreshing taste to it. Miss Martha's Dad tapped the birches and helped me make it so he gets half of it. Quite fitting that I bottled it on his birthday. Happy birthday Dave!

And still in the demijohn are the following

Japanese Knotweed
Blackberry 1
Orange & Apple
Blackberry 2
Rhubarb 3
Peach, Nectarine Etc.

The nettle is far too sweet and I don't know what I'm going to do with it. The orange & apple was made from fruit juice, my first attempt and a very easy recipe. It is supposed to be a quick and simple wine that can be drunk while other, more interesting wines are maturing. We shall see. 

I was reading a book on wine making the other evening and apparently one of the pitfalls is that the wine maker gets too carried away and before you know there are ten or twenty demijohns bubbling away. I mentioned this to Bert and he looked baffled. "Where's the problem in that?" he asked. 


Grannymar said...

Sounds like there will be plenty of singing in your house in the months ahead. Cheers!

Nelly said...

I'll have to go easy Grannymar. It's just like cake - great fun to make but you mustn't eat it all yourself!

Mage said...

Oh, what a lot of wonderful fun. I agree with Bert. :)

Andrea from Neath said...

Could you use the nettle to soak fruits in? And may I have an invite to the next "degustation" chez Nellybert s'il vous plait!

Nelly said...

Elaborate on that soaking fruits in the nettle Andrea. Sounds interesting. I had considered bottling it and using it to top up too dry wines.

Mage - I think you and Bert would get on wonderfully!

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