Monday, March 25, 2013

A Dead Rat And A String To Swing It With

Bert had been cleaning and levelling the sand beds in the polytunnel. He stood back to admire his work.

Look at that! Smooth or what? You could play bowls on that!

Les says,

Or marbles. It would be a good surface for marbles.

I say,

Marbles! You never hear tell of marbles these days. The young ones wouldn't know what to make of them a-tall.
Aye. It's all sitting at computer games nowadays.
Mind you, our grandparents probably wondered why we didn't play with hoops and sticks. Or spinning tops.
They probably said – sure spinning tops aren't good enough for the young ones today. It has to be marbles for them.

Bert says,

And what about a dead rat on a string? Sure the young ones today wouldn't know what to do with a dead rat on a string.

I looked at him.

A dead rat on a string?
Aye! Don't tell me youse boys never played with a dead rat on a string.
Bert – if any of us had as much as touched a dead rat Matty would have brought us in and scrubbed us down with Dettol! What was Pearlie thinking of, letting you play with dead rats?

Sometimes I wonder if Bert's mother was fit to rear a child.


Yvonne Watterson said...

Nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. I always love visiting here/
Here's the post about it:

Nelly said...

Thank you Yvonne. That has given me a bit of a boost which I sorely needed.