Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cool For Cats

kitten in deco box
This is my most viewed photograph on Flickr. I cannot understand why. She isn't even nice. 

Do you know what I have asked Bert to buy me for Christmas? A new partial denture to replace the one that I think Ziggy (Hannah's pup) may have eaten. And do you know what is the saddest part? My dentist says it won't be ready until January. This means that I have to make my way through the holiday like a snaggle-toothed hillbilly. Ah well. I have decided to be philosophical about it for there are far, far worse things that having a gappy smile. What I really need is a new fridge, although Bert says I just need a new fridge door handle. We are heart scalded with pestilent thieving cats and dogs in Springhill. They can all open the fridge door. Even delicate little Holly (pictured above in her kittenhood) just lifts a dainty paw and pulls the door open. The dogs do it with their noses but the cats are the worst offenders. Bert shouted from the kitchen this afternoon,
Those bloody cats are in the fridge!
And they were. Actually in it. I felt like closing the door on them. But what would be the point? a little nudge with their heads and they'd be straight back out again.


Mage said...

Yes, a new fridge handle is in order. Personally, I agree with you. New partial. I was brushing my teeth in the truck last week, then went out into the world. Only at bedtime did I notice that I was a toothless old lady and had been all day. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Nelly said...

So like something I would do Mage!