Monday, December 23, 2013

Before The Storm

Preparing for Christmas (doddle) and writing a daily blog (really tough) is wearing me out. Every night at around 11:30pm I find myself totally exhausted and quite unable to do another thing.

Today I had the grandchildren around. Martha was pleased to see I had used her artwork to brighten up the kitchen. There were 4 pictures to start with but there had been some other small girls visiting a couple of days ago and they had found Martha's pictures, flung them to the ground, ripped one up and kicked the sparkly glitter off the rest of them. Luckily they did not get it all. Girls are very rough these days. The pictures are much safer pinned up.

Apparently the weather is to be hideous tomorrow. Ferocious winds are expected. If I don't post it will be because there is no power. That will be inconvenient but if the tree house doesn't blow down I won't mind too much about electricity.

That's enough for tonight. I have an hour left before exhaustion sets in.


Anonymous said...

I felt cross to think of Martha's pictures being desecrated in this way - I don't believe I have heard of anyone kicking the sparkly glitter of anything before, I am shocked and saddened (London Sister)

Nelly said...

I don't think it was their intention. Glittery sparkles are not meant for treading on by Clark's Startrite. It was spun to Martha about how good it was that she was mature enough not to do something so rascally. She was philosophical about it. Good lesson.

Grannymar said...

Up high is the best place for this unique artwork.