Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Daily Photograph 17 and 18

Banjo Man!

I am cheating today. There was no daily photograph blog on the 29th April because this crazy guy turned up accompanied by his wife and their youngest son.

There was quite a bit of this kind of behaviour...

and camera shake was rife. Which is why Bert's left ear is so big. But he doesn't care.

I really need to get to grips with the camera settings.

Jazzer's photo face

An unhealthy snack

Then another guy turned up at 11pm, en-route to a session. The men packed up banjo, guitar and clarienet and headed off into the night to play music, while Jazzer and I had the early night. I'm told they didn't get in until the wee small hours.

So what will I blog about in the month of May? What about Daily Annoyances. I fancy a bit of a regular rant.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Daily Photograph 16

Today was rather mixed up. Snow again this morning! I don't approve of this kind of weather at all. Then Clint called for Bert at a quarter past nine, his first words,

Is that brute still in his bed?

Apparently the vet was standing in Clint's yard ready to start testing cattle and Bert had promised to be there. Now if I knew I was likely to get a call first thing I'd be ready from dawn but not Bertram. He always reckons another few minutes snoozing will work out OK for him. I was doubly not pleased with my husband because he'd not told me about this and Thursday is my day for making two runs to town to pick up the girls from nursery (late morning) and primary school (early afternoon). I coped by walking down to Clint's, where they were all knee deep in milling cattle, throwing the house keys at Bert and stealing his brown dog and his van. I even had enough time to walk that brown dog for half an hour before collecting Evie who made me listen to Downtown radio on the way home. A far cry from the days when I could lull her to sleep listening to Radio 3.

Back into town for Martha at two. I had Ziggy to deliver to Hannah and Martha and I went upstairs to inspect the beardlessness of Fergus for such a thing might never be seen again. Martha persuaded me to go to her favourite charity shop as she needed a new onesie. There were two. Martha preferred one, I preferred the other. We bought my one. It's miles too big and I'm to take it up. Job for the weekend.

I was, this afternoon, in what Matty used to call 'a bad twist'. For why I'm not certain. Because it was so cold? Because I was being bored to death by someone and tangled up in dogs. Perhaps because I was cross with myself for thinking mean thoughts about the someone and his dogs. I need to do something about this but I'm not sure what.

Anyways girls get collected, high-fives all round and I knew I had to take a photograph and I couldn't think of anything I wanted to photograph and I needed to put the strap on the camera and I couldn't get it right, so....

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Daily Photograph 15

Quick post tonight as I am tired. It was Matty's anniversary today (five years!) and I spent in a way which she would have approved. Gardening. Sowed leeks, cauliflower, French marigolds, sugar peas and kale. Planted out lettuce and a couple of stray brassicas, haven't a clue what they are. Watered everything and started weeding the garlic.

The day didn't start well with hail, snow and power cuts but it faired after lunch. Still cold. I was all layered up.

And I photographed the pigs. Kune kune means fat and round in the Maori tongue and this picture illustrates it very well. But before the animal welfare people report me, let me stress they are not quite as fat as they look - it's the camera angle.

They are coming in for what they hope will be a delicious supper. All they care about is food.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Daily Photograph 14

Freezing cold day. It is supposed to be Spring dammit! My poor Thalias were cruelly buffeted by Arctic winds and blasted with sleet. Needless to say I did not do much in the garden except a bit of watering in the tunnel, a bit of basil potting on and, as always, made a list.

The pigs were only out for a few hours. They hate cold weather and would far rather lie snuffling in a bed of straw in their cosy warm shed. So no photograph today.

Just tunnel pictures. Here they are...

Kale. Going to seed. We feed it to the cows when it gets like this.

 Honesty. On Zoe's bit of the tunnel.

 Peach blossom beginning to fade. The pollinators were in so fingers crossed for a better crop than last year.

List of recent sowings.

Zoe's bit. The willow twigs are to keep cats and dogs off.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Daily Photograph 13

The thing about this daily photograph is that it is supposed to be taken with my new camera and as today was just a wee bit hectic I just went over to the corner of this room I'm sitting in and took a picture. That's a spare office chair which Les donated to the hoard and it's covered with a hammock I bought from Lidls many years ago. The cushion was made by Leitrim Sister and the bear was purchased in Burnham Market the year Katy got married.

Martha and Evie were supposed to have a sleepover on Friday evening but it was cancelled because Sheena's funeral was an early start on Saturday. To make it up to them I said I'd make a special meal today. Monday is Zoe's gardening day and I always make supper. Because Evie missed out on the funeral (too young) she got to chose the menu.

Martha had particularly enjoyed the funeral reception. She never knew there were so many chicken goujons in the world and even went up for a second helping. Of course, she went home and told her sister all about it and poor Evie was raging that she'd missed out.

Zoe told me that they both really loved hot dogs with ketchup and Heinz tomato soup so that's what I prepared. But Martha was miffed. Apparently the menu consisted of Evie's favourite foods and not hers. She didn't like soup out of a tin, she only liked home made tomato soup. And she didn't want hot dogs. So we had a chat. Next week she gets to choose the menu and we're having pepperoni pizza and, for pudding, cake with white icing and sprinkles. I'm adding salad and garlic bread to the pizza and custard to the cake. The week after that it will be Zoe's turn to choose, then Dave's, then Bert's. I know what Bert will choose - mince and onions with spuds. When it is my turn we're having beans on toast.

Tomorrow I hope to get gardening and I might even take a photograph of the pigs.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Daily Photograph 12

Above - some of the firewood that Evie, Martha and I collected from under the beech trees on Thursday. I was far too tired today to even take a single photograph never mind gather wood. That is what comes from attending two social gatherings in one day coincidentally both at the same hotel. The midday funeral reception were taken at the Dunsilly Hotel outside Antrim. The evening found us back at Dunsilly for a  wedding party. First go round we went in the front door, later on through the tradesman's entrance for we'd got a lift with the band. The backs of hotels are a lot different from front entrances I can assure you.

Sheena's funeral was very traditional, and very Tannaghmore which is just how she'd have wanted it to be. The choir sang all the old hymns, even a beautiful rendition of Tantum Ergo, a hymn I have always loved and which brought back memories of all the Benediction services we attended as children.

In the graveyard the subject of this blog was raised (it often is at funerals) by one of the cousins, who made sure to tell an old school friend all about its delights. This made me feel a bit worried as I was back in a comfortable way of thinking that there are just the three readers, GanchingGrannymar and Brighid. And this oul blog is just a bit of nonsense I keep up out of a sense of duty.

The school friend asked,

How long have you been doing it?

And I replied,

Ten years, maybe eleven. 

Then I added, rather sadly,

And I never got offered a book deal.

And I thought to myself,

Nor even got short listed for the Irish Blog Awards. Hell damn the Irish Blog Awards. But at least I got to be part of the UK Web Archive. Then I noticed that even they stopped archiving The Garden four years ago. That must have been when I got boring. Sigh.

But back to the Dunsilly. The wedding party was excellent, lots of sparkling alcohol and nibbles. There were people of all ages from three months old to older than me. The craic was mighty. There were awkward moments. One when I'd just got myself a finger of wedding cake and then struck up a conversation with a very tall young man. I did not like to stuff cake into my mouth as I gazed up at him so held it casually in my hand. Then it started to melt. What else could I do but accidentally drop it on the floor and kick it under a chair. Actually there were probably a lot more sensible things I could have done but when the sparkling alcohol is in, the wit's out.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Daily Photograph 11

Today's post is all about the memories. Sheena, you will be missed so very much.