Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Good Daughter

...which is what I am today. I cleaned my Mum's windows. She was ecstatic (easily pleased my Mum, which is very good) Then I drove her to Antrim where we offloaded ten million books of the light romantic fiction variety to Help the Aged (it's all I ever do actually) The carrier bag burst in the middle of the carpark but I just gave a light laugh as I gathered them all up. And not a trace of embarrassment even though there wasn't a Picador or a Penguin among them. Those reuptake inhibitors are a marvel - it is like being mildly Eed all da time. Then we perused vinyl in John's Carpets (slight yawn) then collected a barrel load of her medication in Boots. Then we went to the Lough and watched the ducks, swans, geese and nasty seagulls. Daddy loved the Thorntons chocolate I bought him. Mum and I went home and we talked about her wedding (her wedding night too) and the happy day that I was born unto them. I also bought a new frying pan and made Bert a fry. When I figure out how to put pictures on this blog you will see the incredibly rude tomato I picked today. It had the cutest little erection. Mum will love it. She is so rude.

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