Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bambino Maria Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hi and a very Happy Birthday to you. I was scribbling away at something this morning and realised that it was a birthday but couldn't remember whether it was you or Seamus.

Hope you have a great day. Will see you soon as I'm coming for a weekend around the 24/9.

What is Hannah's interview for and has Katy moved house?
We need to be told.


Anonymous said...

Oh God just wrote a post but it might be lost.

Many Happy Returns

See you around the 24th as will be in Norn Iron that weekend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mary - found you via zoe and glad to see that the over forties (hem) are blogging too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday you old duck! Lots of love from the holidaymakers Zoe & Dave