Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Cull

When it came to the bit we culled damn all. Got rid of that Incan crap thing we foolishly bought in Lisbon. You know the sort of thing. South Americans playing geetars and pan pipes in major tourist cities all over Europe. And you're in the holiday mood (i.e. would buy any old crap) It even affects Bert and he's a typical Cully skinflint. So it is that, John Cale, Joe Ely and some other dancey shite will be donated to the charity shop. Now if there are any Cale or Ely fans out there the charity shop is in Larne somewhere. Bert's Aunt Lizzie* collects for it. Bert separated all his country and bluegrass stuff out so that he and Ian will find it accessible on Friday nights. But I couldn't help noticing that he has decided that all the Johnny Cash are his. I'm sure I've still got the receipt from Amazon somewhere. Sadly missing, cases only - Urban Hymns and Car Wheels On A Gravel Drive. Copies anyone? Make a nice cheap Chrissie present for Mrs Moser**.

* Coming soon - Mad Aunts
** In-joke for clematis lovers


Anonymous said...

Nelly you are too hard to keep up with.

Have you no curiosity at all about who ganching is?

Anonymous said...

I have a stack of your CDs (since the wedding) waiting to be returned to you. May include Car Wheels, I think.


Nelly said...

To Z - yes I minded about that afterwards. Got yer Culture then?