Sunday, September 26, 2004

Dating for Dogs

Our dogs have lots of canine chums including Herman, Penny and Frank that they see regularly. Then there are Tracey and Tess from Portballintrae, Milly, Billy and Pickle from Leitrim and Macy and Scruff from Kerry who are family friends. So they will have little interest in the article I read in yesterday's paper about a woman,Lee Polledri, who has set up a dating agency for dogs. It's not that crazy an idea if you think about it as not all dogs have as many pals as ours do
" a dog dating website, "Cold nose... Warm heart", which began two weeks ago. And the venture seems to be spawning friendships between owners as well. " Lee Glendinning, Saturday September 25, 2004 The Guardian
Unfortunately they didn't give the address but if anybody's interested it's out there somewhere.


Katy said...

You should introduce Rosie to the dating scene. Why is my other have called Smudge

Nelly said...

Play on words to protect his cover.

Clue. Matthew, ...., Luke and John. Missing?
Answer. Katy's boyfriend