Monday, September 06, 2004


So there I was happily spending away on EBAY using my credit card thru their PayPal service. Being me I just set it up and never looked at the small print. Yesterday I tried to pay for two small purchases using PayPal and they wouldn't let me. Stated I had exceeded my sending limit and had the nerve to ask for my banking details so that they could grab my money whenever they please. And me with a credit limit that would have allowed me to buy a terrace house in Harryville (in 1975) I was raging and sent a nasty email which was never looked upon by human eye. I've just sent another one IN CAPITALS to PayPal which will probably do no good either as I googled the problem and apparently the only solution is to start another Ebay account. Fuck them! I'll just go back to Helping the Aged and Saving the Children.

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