Saturday, September 04, 2004

Financial Advice

Blogging saves money. Since I started this I have hardly looked at Ebay. There was a gigantic parcel sitting on the doorstep when I got home from work and I thought to myself "what on earth have I bought now?" But it was only Bert's clematis labels. Sorry Zoe for the dreaded mention of the plant.

Bert is in Omagh today with Marty, John And Ian. They're at the Bluegrass Festival in the Ulster American Folk Park. Poor him. He has seen enough straw-hatted, gingham-shirted, dungareed fiddle players to last him a lifetime. He would have much rather been down in Portglenone at the deedly-dee show. I wonder if Stray Toaster will be there? Or will he be home blogging, packing and listening to the most important band of the generation. (Now that Oasis are 10)


Anonymous said...

I was there, and I can still here it as I type (the patio doors are open, and the pipe contest is wafting in. Fine.)

Packing, hell no, there was a reason I got married to a sensbile organising girl. ;)

And I may have listened to the Libs today. But not Oasis. Overblown stadium faux-indie copycat rawk rubbish.


Nelly said...

I don't like this to get about too much (which is why I am posting it on the web) but I believe I'm slightly psychic. I knew you'd be listening to the Libertines. I never liked Oasis either. As for the Libs, haven't heard them, only of them.