Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Getting Mother Some Wheels

Today, before I went to Mum’s, I went to Pennybridge to look at wheelchairs. I have been thinking that a wheelchair would be a good thing for her when we take her out. She loves to be out and about but tires very quickly. Looked at a shiny purple chrome one and got the fellow to show me how small it could go so that it would fit in the boot of the smallest of cars. I had already discussed this with her, she had discussed it with her sister and it had been given the Aunt Clare* seal of approval. But when I told her where I’d been she was slightly unsure. She said it might be cold. I said knit a snazzy blanket. I think she might be afraid that people will diss her if she is sitting in a wheelchair. I said we’d try it out in towns where nobody knows you. I said we’d need it if we go to Vancouver. She agreed that we would and said she’ll also need it when she goes to France with Dede and Trish.

Dad has been in much brighter form the last couple of times I’ve visited. Today he was wide-awake, responsive and affectionate to Mum. It was a very pleasant visit. He has gone off chocolate a bit and much prefers ice cream. I think he likes strawberry best.

We’re eating the first of the squash tonight. Note for next year. Grow broccoli.

*Not to be included in the Aunts series for fear of a warm ear.

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