Saturday, September 25, 2004

A Grey Area

I’ve been at work for the past two days and since I’ve been away some or one of the little darlings, unknown, tried to set the kitchen on fire. Now She (who must be obeyed) has decreed that we may not leave the premises on our breaks. My beef is that if we cannot leave work on breaks we should be paid for our time. I’ve been in touch with Human Resources about this and have been told that it is “a grey area”. Pretty much everything in HR is a grey area. So I have requested a staff meeting and have even volunteered to come in for it on my annual leave. We shall see how it goes.

Good luck to The Banana for her coming job interview. Congratulations to Katkin and Smudge on their house thing and as for Mr Pig and Ms Tiger here's hoping you have a lovely weekend.

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