Monday, September 13, 2004

Julia's Aunt

I heard about this one when I was a girl. She was a make do and mend sort of person which I suppose she had to be because a lot of people hadn’t the money to spend in those days. Not like you lot who probably buy new cookers to match the kitchen when you redecorate. Anyway she was an aunt of Julia’s who was my sister’s friend at school. I cannot recall her name so shall call her Bridie. Now Bridie had an electric cooker but the rings weren’t working so she asked her husband to look out for one for her. He came up trumps with another cooker but with this one the oven didn’t work. She hadn’t the room in her kitchen for both so she came up with the bright idea of setting one upon the other. This was the perfect solution except of course whilst cooking on the rings she had to stand on a chair. Julia said it was most amusing to see her standing on a chair making the big fry and chatting away as if this was the usual way of doing things.

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