Wednesday, September 22, 2004

On the Road Again

.... which is one of my favourite songs from my girlhood. Canned Heat circa late 60s.

It is also my theme tune for today as Tiny Carletoni returned my car with a new timing belt and several new pistons etc. Apparently it is a bad job for timing belts to go when you are bowling down the highway at 80mph listening to Psycho Killer.

So where does a dutiful daughter go on getting her car back? She goes to her Mammy's house where she is fed homemade vegetable soup and arrowroot biscuits. I also went shopping with Tricia and bought three Christmas presents and a purse.

The world is a sad, sad place right now. Nothing to look forward to except four more years for Shitehawk Bush, Christmas and global warming. Big Whoopee! Oh and old age and death of course. On that cheery note I close.

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