Monday, September 13, 2004


Bert and I do have the odd disagreement. This morning I was looking through the Sundays and I mentioned the term ‘airbrushing’ in relation to a photograph (of Abi Titmuss if you must know.) Bert uses the bit of brain that I use for cultural stuff on politics, so he asked, “What’s airbrushing?” I started to explain using his Kylie calendar as an example. He was having none of it. I tried to tell him that this was common practice and that all the minor lumps, bumps and spots were removed from these sort of pictures. “Not Kylie’s,” he argued. I retorted that if Miss Minogue were standing in our kitchen right now, in her vest and pants, she’d be looking pretty ropey compared to the airbrushed perfection of her calendar shots. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” was his witty retort. So I decided to leave him to his fantasies.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will finally appear. Love the site Nelly, but I'm with Bert on Kylie and the airbrushing.