Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Hannah alerted me that I had yet to post a picture of Mel. Oversight. To make up for it I might post another one in which she is armed . Bert uses that to (try to) shoot little fluffy bunny rabbits that would eat his trees. He is also after the squirrels, which are even more destructive to young trees. The other morning I heard him boasting to Albare that he shot the dead squirrel on our road. The only squirrel (or rabbit) that he’ll be shooting would need to be as big as a bullock before he could hit it.

Which reminds me of a woman I know who went to London when she was a girl and was amazed to see how small the squirrels in Hyde Park were. Because of the Tufty road safety campaign, current at that time, she was convinced that squirrels should be at least three feet tall.

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