Friday, September 17, 2004

Stormy Evening

I went to the Doc this morning about my spots. It's not funny getting spots when you're 50+. I thought it was acne or ringworm. She said it is cold sores. Cold sores! I thought cold sores were on lips and noses. These are on my actual face. Doc says it is stress. She asks if I'm worrying about anything. I said not at all. I'm very happy except for my dreams. I dream every night about how fat I am and that my clothes don't fit me.. At this stage she bursts out laughing. I explain that since I gave up smoking 6 months ago I have put on weight. She asks me if I miss smoking. Every day I tell her. She says I am getting cold sores because I am so stressed about giving up smoking. I am getting a cold sore on my ear.

My sister tells me her hubby got so many cold sores once that he couldn't shave. She said he looked like a scabby werewolf. The doc gave me ointment.

Despite the things I am going to tell you about giving up smoking I still think it is A Good Thing.

I have put on 20lbs. In part this is due to a slower metabolism. The other part is due to a vastly increased appetite.

I went up two dress sizes.

I lost a tooth. Smoking masks gum desease.

I got spots.

On the other hand daughter one gave up smoking a month before I did. She is still wearing the same size clothes and I have not noticed any spots or toothlessness. The moral is if you are going to give up smoking it is better to do it sooner than later.

PS I don't expect to be fat and spotty forever and as for the tooth- no gain without pain.


Anonymous said...

Ganching says get walking - retrieve that pedometer from the toilet bowl and do your steps every day. Plus have nice things to eat in the house rather than wee buns and other assorted bakery goods.

I have started waking up at about 5.30 every morning which is not much fun and it almost two years since I stopped smoking.

See you soon.


Nelly said...

That pedo is totally drooned so I shall have to buy a new one very soon. Maybe today. Matty loves the Kerry dog.