Saturday, September 04, 2004

Unwelcome Mat

As I mentioned Bert is away with his bluegrass chums. They are making him stay on for the concert and he is resigned to that. As he said "It's a dirty ould job but somebody's got to do it." This means that I am on my own until one am at least. So I locked the door and am repelling all boarders. I live with Mr Popularity - so affable, so friendly and so generous that everyone loves him. He adores company and what he calls a "stir". I think it is because he was a singleton and was lonely as a child. Consequently we have a lot of visitors. Me, I'm the eldest of seven and although I'm pretty sociable myself, I am also fond of my own company at times. So tonight I have locked the door and I'm not answering the phone. Cannot be bothered folks. Try to understand.


Anonymous said...

Nelly, I totally understand the unwelcome mat - its great to have some time to yourself. J and I have been over at his brothers in Harrow and did the TV pop quiz - I could not score myself as missed more than half (lucky that!) but Jonny did well, just inside pop genius bracket although he wasnt too proud as a lot of if was tosh - anyway glad I have sorted out how to comment on your super site.

Nelly said...

Thanks for that JB. Tell JS that I think that even had the quiz been more esotoric he'd still be a near-genius.