Friday, September 10, 2004

Wet Wet Wet

Mr Fish said the glorious weather wouldn’t last and sure enough today dawned grey and cloudy. It started to rain after lunch and it hasn’t stopped. Ark weather. But did rain stop play? Not on your Nelly!

First stop was Antrim to see Jazzer. She’s been feeling a bit down recently, the reason why I cannot divulge. We went to Junction One and indulged in some fantasy shopping for our youngest daughters. Oh I wish Erin would wear this… if only Hannah would wear that. We did some real shopping in a Health Food Shop that has the most amazing selection of old-fashioned sweets. Which is strange and contradictory but there you are. I bought jelly babies and green tea. We had an hour or so of that, lots of chat then off to the Lough Shore Café for more coffee before picking up Ben from school. While we were at the Lough I discovered that Jazzer’s pretty scared of swans. Those ones are so tame too – not like proper wild swans. She told me that Ben (5) once called her a wuss for being scared and she called him a wuss back. Moments later he called to her “Look Mum, I’m no wuss!” and she looked to see him following a swan around clutching its tail feathers.

After leaving Jazzer and Ben off I went to see Dad in Glenkeen. He was in much better form than yesterday and enjoyed a tub of ice cream. Staff told me that he’d seen his GP earlier and that his chest is clear and he is on an antibiotic for his foot. I was glad I’d went down as it was good to see him looking better than before.

From Randalstown to Tannaghmore to report back to Mum. She was in good form and looking forward to seeing Trish on Wednesday. Then back to Ballymena to purchase a new CD player and radio for the car, which is my birthday present from Bert. I went into Halfords and announced words to this effect. “I am a sensible woman in my middle years. Direct me to the best value for money in the shop”. Spent £75 (reduced from £149) on something by Sony. Nearly £13 for the leads! And £30 to fit it!! Which they might be able to do in five minutes – or an hour. Gimme that. Young Lothario can fit it. There’s more to him than baking buns. He used to drive the most expensive Vauxhall in the world. The bits and trimmings he had fitted on to it were worth more than the actual car. I’m not asking Bert to do it. The last time he fitted one of those to my car he removed the front driver side wheel to do it.

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