Monday, June 11, 2007

Displacement Activities

One of my colleagues on the course spent the weekend ironing. Twenty-six shirts to be exact! Worse still twenty of those were her husband's. Anything rather than knuckle down to the psychology of education.

I'd been doing quite well at the revision. Of course Friday was a bit of a disaster what with Hannah preparing to go to Thailand and me, as a consequence, on eggs.

Thursday was a good revision day and yesterday too. I'd even given up on Big Brother to study. Today was my last crack at it so why did I take the urge to start a crime thriller and plant a flower bed?

The situation so far - I feel I know nothing, I'm halfway through the novel, feel sure the acupuncturist dunnit and the new flower bed looks lovely.

Despite this all crossed fingers, positive thoughts and prayers for tomorrow would be appreciated.


Ronni said...

Crossing, thinking, and praying.

Give 'em Hell!

Nelly said...

I'm knuckling down. Thanks Ronni!

Anonymous said...

Don't do prayers but will cross anything I can. Mick

Nelly said...

As long as it's not your eyes Mick!

Cybez said...

I'll say 20 'Hail Nelly's'

You can do it!

ganching said...

Are your comments playing up? I thought I'd left a comment. Anyway good luck - you'll be fine.

Mudflapgypsy said...

Go get it !!