Tuesday, September 25, 2007

About Time Too!

When someone recommends a blog to you and you read all six and a half years of it's archives in three days and it inspires you to carry on with something that you should have done ages ago then you really should add it to your blog roll. Like, immediately. Afraid it's taken me the best part of three months to get round to it but it's done now. So welcome Shauna, in your Dietgirl incarnation, to the garden.

Shauna's got her Dietgirl book coming out in January 2008 and I'll be buying it for sure.

But that's not the only thing I've been putting off for ages. Here's something for the laddies. I know there's nothing you'd like to see more than a bunch of (allegedly) heterosexual men dressing up in women's clothing. So here's some pics from New Year's Eve, 1999.

Obviously I told Bert I was posting this. I do have to live with him after all. He said,

I don't look bad at all do I?

I said,

You think?

He said,

Better than those other two gypes anyway.

Judge for yourselves.


hootchinhannah said...

I definitely think Bert is the prettiest. I remember these pics, there were worse ones. Oh, and where's the ones of the ladies dressed up as men. And where's the wee manny?

Nelly said...

The Wee Manny ones are a bit too scarey for this blog.

Grannymar said...

For a man, Bert makes an excellent Woman!

Scooterdeb said...

What's the deal? Are all Irishmen crossdressers? All the one I know are/is.

Brian said...

What's the deal? Are all Irishmen crossdressers? All the one I know are/is.

Is this about me?

It is, isn't it?

Nelly said...

Only the really manly ones.

Personally speaking I think Bert needed a wig and a sweeter expression. He thought he needed boobies.

Zoe said...

He would have looked stupid with boobies! Like a broomstick with melons attached. I have another picture of him in ladies gear and he looks a lot classier in it.

Nelly said...

Will you post it?