Monday, September 17, 2007

The Last Request

daddy, originally uploaded by NellyMoser.

On his 84th birthday my father said,

I want you to do something for me.

So what d'ye want me to do?

I want you to take me to Leitrim to see Deirdre.

Aye. I will. Some day soon.

It never happened. He took a stroke just a couple of weeks later. This weekend was the first time I went back to Leitrim. It was his birthday weekend.


hootchinhannah said...

I love this photo. Hope you had a good time in Lovely Leitrim. Do you remember when me, you and Zoe went down?

Nelly said...

There are things about that trip that I will never forget. No matter how hard I try.

Dede still converting the house, no bedroom walls, no proper toilet. Aargh.

But it's wonderful now.