Sunday, June 29, 2008

Butterfly Buns

Saturday Evening

NELLY: The Van and Truck Man will be here soon. D’ye want anything?

PEARLIE: Aye. Get me a wee cherry cake.

NELLY: Righty-o. A cherry cake.

PEARLIE: No. I dinnae want cherry cake. Get me a ween of thon wee butterfly buns.

NELLY: Butterfly buns. OK.

PEARLIE: D’ye know what they are?

NELLY: Aye. I do.

PEARLIE: They’re wee buns with the top cut off and cut into two and stuck into butter icing like two wee butterfly wings.

NELLY: Aye. I know the kind you mean. My mother used to make them.

Sunday Afternoon

PEARLIE: I’ll just take a cup of tay and a wee bun.

NELLY: One of your butterfly buns?


Five minutes later

PEARLIE: And can you bring me a tayspoon?

NELLY: OK. (Returns with spoon and gives to Pearlie)

PEARLIE: And a knife.

NELLY: Righty-o. (Returns with knife and reaches to Pearlie) Don’t be telling me you want a fork next!

PEARLIE: No. I want you to cut the top of that wee bun.

NELLY: (Starts to cut top of butterfly bun) I thought you especially wanted butterfly buns?

PEARLIE: I did. That’s not enough. Cut out all the butter icing. I dinnae like butter icing.

NELLY: (Doing it and giving top of butterfly bun to eagerly waiting border collie) But you specifically asked for this sort of bun.

PEARLIE: Aye. I like the plain part of the bun but I dinnae like that oul butter icing.

Nelly leaves room miming neck-wringing gestures.


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