Friday, June 20, 2008

Feeling Fruity

Pearlie: D'ye have any fruit?

Nelly: Yeah. Sure do. I've just been to Lidl's stocking up. What do you want? Grapes?

Pearlie: No. I dinnae like grapes.

Nelly: I have pineapple but I think it needs to ripen a bit.

Pearlie: I dinnae like pineapple.

Nelly: What about apples?

Pearlie: Too hard. I cannae eat them.

Nelly: Oranges?

Pearlie: Too soor.

Nelly: Bananas?

Pearlie: Bananas constipate me.

Nelly: Pears?

Pearlie: Dinnae like them.

Nelly: I can't think...

Pearlie: D'ye have strawberries?

Nelly: No.


Anna in the USA said... kiwi fruit?

Nelly said...

Too soor.

I'll get strawberries today.

Janet said...

I'm with Pearlie on that one! Off to the Fruit and Veg stand later this morning to see if they are picking yet - if so will eat them 'til they're done far too soon!
Janet in Nova Scotia

Hails said...

Heheh. Nelly, you're a saint. And you make me laugh, in a sympathetic way of course. :)

Grannymar said...

No strawberries!!!

What kinda housewife and daughter-in-law are you? ;)

You should have said that Bert eat then!

Nelly said...

At £3 a punnet! I had to rob her pension before I could afford them.