Friday, June 27, 2008


Sonny Boy, originally uploaded by NellyMoser.

I have the only Google entry for weddywumps!

I like it very much!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant picture! I like it very much.

Tell Bert to clean his fingernails Nelly.

Nelly said...

Those are clean fingernails (for Bert). Remember he is a Son of the Soil, forever delving in rotted compost, loam and peat. You wouldn't expect him to wear gloves would you and have all the horny handed locals calling him a girl?

Grannymar said...

Sure that is clean dirt!

I love that picture.

Nelly you should join

Gwan, gwan do what your granny tells you!

Anna in the USA said...

Bert's working man's hands gently cradling the wee weddywump is an amazing picture. It encompasses caring, love, trust, security - a lovely interface between weakness and strength.

Yes, you listen to your granny, Nelly. You are a gifted photographer.

L said...

For a minute I thought I had been redirected to the website

Nelly said...

I may have to post my infamous picture of Mrs The Wee Manny's burst toe to up the yuk and down the fluffy.