Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holly Is Not A Happy Cat...

...but Bonnie is pleased with her new kitten.

Sharing the scoff

On Friday I was walking on the Ballymena-Doagh road when I heard a tinkling and a squeaking. I looked around and there was a little ginger kitten following me. The tinkling was coming from a little bell on its collar. There were no houses nearby and I could not undestand why such a young cat was out on the road.

There had been a woman driver behaving oddly about five minutes before I encountered the kitten. She had went to pull in, spotted me and drove on. I looked behind me and she'd pulled to the side again. I thought she might have noticed a flat tire and wondered if I should offer to help but she drove off again.

Did she dump that kitten? I think she did. I couldn't leave it - the road was far too busy and dangerous. Maybe it was someone's lost pet but little cats do not tend to stray far from home and this one was at least a quarter of a mile from the nearest house.

Nevermind. He lives here now and Holly de Cat is not best pleased. But Bonnie is delighted with her new kitten.

Resting up a spell


Tom said...

You're a wonderful woman Nelly - and so kind too. I sometimes wonder if Bert knows just how lucky he is ;)

hootchinhannah said...

'Flat tire' eh? You really are tired mum!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww...all your best pets seem to just appear! Except Pads, he's a goody even if still a bit more conventional.

Named it?

Mikey x

sageweb said...

What adorable photos. How sweet of you to give a little kitty a new home.

Anna said...

Bonnie is beautiful. You, too.

Greg said...

Such a sweet thing to do for such a sweet little kitten. :-)

Nelly said...

Nice comments y'all. Ta. Told Bert about how lucky he was to be married to such a kind person as I but he just laughed cynically. We're calling the kitten Fred or Fish Face Fred for long.

Ronni said...

Nice of the fardling hell-bound bitch to leave its bell on, thus ensuring it's death by starvation, if a four-wheeled predator didn't get it first!

I have no sympathy for those who abandon animals.

I'm glad you took the poor mite home. The pics of Bonnie and her new pet are priceless!

evilganome said...

When I was a lad, we had a cat that hated every dog in the neighborhood, except "his dog" which was our German Shepard. He used to get up on the dog of an evening and would start grooming the dogs ears as the dog just lay there patiently.

What a good one you are for taking the little ginger devil in.

Musings of Mel said...

Another wee t'itten - yaaaaayyyyyyy! Bonnie looks like she loves it - maybe it'll be her new best friend!
Can't wait the meet the wee monkey.