Friday, November 14, 2008

Suckered Again

Friday afternoon and I'm finding it very difficult to get any work done in the office. It's this bloody cat. You try typing a report with a wee ginger bastard climbing on your head and walking across your keyboard. 

This might turn out to be a great big mistake. Or not. We shall see. And to make matters worse I think it has testicles,

And the kitten said, (I think it means 'feed me you fucker.')

9n          99p[jjjjmgg89g9


Zoe said...

I'd say it's a he. Looks just like Harry did down there.

Nelly said...

Holly hates him.

evilganome said...

Where did this beasty come from and how did he inveigle himself into the house?

Well, at least you'll get yours back after that all important trip to the vets.

Nelly said...

I'm keeping that story for the blog - not that it's that exciting but it's a story.

Little devil is kneading the small of my back as I sit here. Wish he had stronger paws. It feels goodish.