Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going In The Right Direction

I parked the car at Steen's Corner and walked half a mile in the direction of Ballymena, before turning right onto the Whappstown Road. For the part of the walk I listened to the last ten minutes of Three Men in a Boat. I found it just a tad flat compared to the previous  chapters but then, after the best part of a fortnight on the river, the three heroes and the dog were feeling a bit flat too. The weather didn't help them as the poor souls were caught in an interminable summer deluge and they just wanted to be home and dry and clean and to be eating a fine  dinner. You know how it is. So my pace was only at a moderately brisk dander, as I concentrated on the book's ending, and was only enlivened by a quick dash into a field for a pee.

Book over I switched the iPod on to shuffle and soon sharpened my pace.

  • All Your Love, Magic Sam - good brisk pace, I really lengthened those strides.
  • Smells Like...Remix, Fatboy Slim - got the heart going good altho' I thought the track was shite.
  • Bit of Snooks Eaglin - stepping out well.
  • In The Mood, John Lee Hooker - does what it says on the tin. Did he mean aerobic walking?
  • Going in the Right Direction, Robert Randolph & the Family Band - I was practically jogging to this.
  • Wheels, Come On Gang - a spring in my quickstep and a good mood enhancer to boot.
  • Her Mind Is Gone, Professor Longhair - getting close to the car. Winding down the speed.

Best walk I've had in ages. 


evilganome said...

Three Men in a Boat is one of my favorite books! I usually read it every summer, so I suppose I should dust off my copy and give it another twirl.

Mudflapgypsy said...

I love Robert Randolph and the Family Band! Funky stuff with added magic slide geetar too.

Nelly said...

Yay to Three Men in a Boat (not forgetting the dog, as if I could!) and Robert Randolph and the Family band. Truly good awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

a mood enhancer? splendid! about to record the next single this weekend, wonder what side effects that may have?

mikey xxx

Nelly said...

I'm sure it will have excellent side effects Mikey. Good luck with it and keep us posted.