Monday, August 31, 2009

Listening Not Blogging

Thoughts on Blogging & Audiobooks

The last time I blogged about audiobooks I'd notched up six books. Since then I have listened to
the following works -

  • The Wind In The Willows
  • Don Quixote (Volume I)
  • Queen Lucia
  • The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim
  • Tess of the d'Urbervilles
  • David Copperfield
  • The Quiet American
And I'm presently nearly finished with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. But there is a snag with all this book-listenin' and it is this:

All that time, all those hundreds of hours whilst I was driving, or walking, or doing mundane tasks I'd have been thinking, and while I was thinking I'd sometimes get ideas for blogposts. Now I just listen. And listening is very different from reading and it is very different from just thinking about whatever comes into my head. Listening is good. But is it as good as reading? I'm not sure.

That is part of the reason why my blogging has become sketchier. A lot of my thinking time is taken up with listening. I still think a lot but they are important thoughts, personal thoughts, maybe not for general sharing. I think about work, ageing, Zoe's pregnancy, my mum, my family, Katy's wedding, Bert's cabin fever, the dire-dish-of-the day prediction of imminent global disaster, the weather, Hannah's general happiness, food and whatever book I happen to be listening to.

Things I Bought Today

Today I bought a vintage postcard portraying nasturtiums which I did not need. I also bought six tins of dog food which the dogs needed. Or so they said.

What I Did Today

Dirt Bird came for her tea and I made a vegetarian pasta with vegetables freshly harvested from the garden. I also made buttermilk pancakes to please Bert as he does not relish pasta. I discovered that Dirt Bird could eat her way through the Cave Hill if it was made of pancakes. In honour of our guest (to be renamed The Pancake Queen) we drank our tea from my vintage nasturtium-patterned teacups.


Grannymar said...

Thinking is very hard work! Very tiring.

Sweary said...

I listen to music when out walking, etc.

I get a lot of, "Oh, you're off for a walk, eh? Clearing the head for a bit of scribbling later, are we?" And in reality I just come back disoriented, needing coffee, with jumbled chords in me noggin.

anna said...

The card is beautiful. I love nasturtiums. They are a very under-rated flower.

Nelly said...

Grannymar - I took that to heart. No thinking today, too tired.

Sweary - music is good too. I like listening to fast stuff when I walk - especially old time blues.

Anna - nasturtiums are one of my favourite flowers. I cannot imagine the garden without them.

All - I finished The Adventures of Tom Sawyer today and started Huckleberry Finn.