Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Matty: You know, you left your Tescos receipt here the other week...

Me: Did I?

Matty: I had a wee look at it.

Me: Did you?

Matty: That gin's wild dear.

Me: D'ye think?

Matty: I nearly fainted when I saw the price of it!

Me: It was probably a litre bottle.

Matty: A whole litre!

Me: Aye. Mind you that would probably do me about ten days. (thinks - more like seven)

Matty: Just you yourself drinking it?

Me: Oh no! Me and Bert both. (thinks - he might be so lucky)

Matty: Oh well. That's not just as bad then.

Me: it's better than wine. Don't drink as much of it and it's not as fattening. (thinks - I need a drink)

Matty: That's not so bad then.

Me: (thinks she's thinking - Nelly's an alcoholic)

So on the way home I stopped at Tescos and bought some buttermilk and mozzarella and... cheers!


d@\/ e said...

I hope ye don't mix yer drinks, buttermilk & gin.

Grannymar said...

You shoulda told her it takes a quare lot to fill a pint glass! ;)

Nelly said...

I never thought that I'd still be getting grief from my mammy when I was in my mid-fifties. Oh well - it's not that bad really. I know she loves me really.

Gin and buttermilk in a pint glass. That would be baaad!