Monday, October 26, 2009

Ulster Museum Says No!

Closed on Mondays

Young Martha had her first train journey today and her first visit to Belfast. Her entourage numbered eight and consisted of a parent, grandparents, a brace of aunts and the ultimate uncle. Her intended destination was the newly refurbished Ulster Museum.

Now if you have clicked on that link, and I hope you did, I would like to inform you that the report is misleading. Perhaps dozens did turn up, if you number dozens in double figures. During the short time that we were there I saw nearly a hundred people come to the entrance door to be disappointed. We certainly weren't the only party to have missed the memo about Monday closure. But the museum will not be closed on Bank Holiday Mondays. You'd think that they might have considered that people would be keen to visit during half-term holidays as well.

I will go again, but next time I'll be consulting the website before I buy a train ticket.

And how did Baby Martha handle her disappointment? She displayed great forbearance and stoicism.


Since writing this, it appears that the Ulster Museum people acknowledge that today was a bit of a debacle. Among the people I chatted to outside the museum today were tourists from the United States who were tremendously disappointed to find the doors closed. We Ulster people can come again any day (other than Mondays) but it was their one chance as their itineraries are set.


Anonymous said...

I work for National Museums and we, the staff, have opposed Monday closure from the outset. DCAL are reviewing the decision based on our opposition and may over-rule the managements decsison. It's a ridiculous way to run a museum. This decison affects UFTM and UAFP also, and it's a PR disaster that we warned them about from the start.

Nelly said...

Thanks for your input. I really do hope your management will listen to you. There was so much publicity about the re-opening of the museum, and so much comment about the cost of the the refurbishment that many, many people (including our party) were taken quite unawares that it should be closed om the first Monday after re-opening.

ironbed said...

What is it with Belfast not being able to organise a thing...nothing.....anything....?

The Tall Ships was a traveler's nightmare, now this nonsense.

Couldn't organise a two-car funeral.

Nelly said...

I'd heard the Tall Ships was a bit of a hiems.