Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Older Shoulder

You know you're getting older when little niggles and aches take far, far longer to go away. I have a sore shoulder. It doesn't sound like very much but I am finding it terribly bothersome. It is only with a painful shoulder that you'll realise just how bloody heavy your arm is. 

It serves me right for not sympathising appropriately with Pearlie and her sore neck.

She told me she had a pain in her neck and all could I think was, well - you're a pain in mine. My just desserts are here.


Tuesday Kid said...

That always happens me, sods law follows me around waiting for a chance to hit me a boot.

Hope your arm's better soon.

Nelly said...

Thanks Tuesday - scored some good painkillers of my dear ol' mom and they are doing the biz. Sadly, I wanted to curl up at my desk this afternoon and sleep it off. It would not have looked good.

Good luck to you in the new job.

Brighid said...

You can't be stoved-up. You need everything working so you can be cuddling Miss M.

Anna said...

You may be having a bout of Grandma holder-shoulder. Remember to switch sides now and then when you are toting the wee one about for hours on end. :-)

Wishing you speedy recovery.

Nelly said...

It all started when I took the little miss out for a walk in her pram. I was tense - years since I handled a pushchair!

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