Monday, February 01, 2010

The New Arrivals

Junior & the Other One

Junior is a very small calf. He is a quarter Irish moiled. The other one is your typical Friesian type.

Meadow & Clover

Meadow and Clover are one half Hereford. We hope to keep these two. They bring me a lot of happy memories as Daddy kept a Hereford bull for a time and these two would have been typical of the sort of calves we had on the farm. Daddy's bull was called Mulderrick Hero and I was terrified of him although he was actually a very quiet animal. Daddy called him Ferdinand.


Brighid said...

Your calves are cuties. We occassionaly had bummer calves on the ranch. They were great fun & a lot of work.

therese said...

Beautiful. My father's family had cows in North Carolina but embarrassingly I don't remember what they were called. Standard American cows, I suppose. They were sweet animals, and delicious. I felt bad when I first found out where those steaks came from.

Musings of Mel said...

Ferdinand - that's an absolutely super name! Love it.

Can't wait to meet these cows- they are lovvveelllly. I like their eyes.

I am coming back to Ireland Thursday 25 February after work and leacing o the Monday nigt - that'll be the 1st of March. Crumbs!

Lots of love - miss you guys.