Monday, March 15, 2010


Matty: Are you wearing those green boots for St Patrick's Day?

Nelly: No, just wearing them because I am... but I'm not sure if I actually like them.

Matty: They're nice wee boots. I'd rather have you in flat boots. You can't walk right in high boots. You're all staggery.

Nelly: Thanks Mum.

Matty: And I'd rather have that style than laced boots. Are they hard to get on?

Nelly: The left one is really easy to get on but the right one's a bugger. Look.


Matty: You know plenty of people have one foot bigger than the other. That must be what it is with you. What size are they?

Nelly: They're size 6. Let me check. (turns sole of right boot over) Aye. 39. That's size 6. (pulls off left boot and turns over) Size 40. That's 6 and a half. Oh! That explains it then.

Matty: You should take them back.

Nelly: Nah. I'd look like a complete eedjit. I've worn them quite a few times now. Sure as long as I don't keep my feet side by side no-one will notice. 


So, if the person who bought a pair of green pull-on ankle boots in Ballymena's TK Maxx, right boot size 40 and left boot size 39, would like to get in touch, maybe we can work something out.


sageweb said...

Hahahah I have a set of shoes like that!

Grannymar said...

Oh dear! It can happen so easily. I hope you get full value out of them.

Anna said...

Swallow your pride and return them. You deserve a new pair of boots. It wasn't your fault you never noticed earlier. I once bought a two piece outfit without trying it on. When I went to wear it the top fit great but the pants looked like a whole family of porkers had just vacated the premises. Took it back. Yes, I had worn the top. ;-)

Brighid said...

Oh take them back, most stores understand that this can happen. There's nothing more bothering than ill fitting shoes. The only reason I haven't done the same, is that my mother taught me to always check the sizes. Especially on the really pricey ones.

Nelly said...

They look pretty worn by now and, funnily enough, once they're on they're not the tiniest bit uncomfortable - so I think I'll keep them and be more careful the next time I'm buying shoes in discount stores!