Friday, March 26, 2010

We Are Honoured

A young friend has just invited herself down for the weekend. This is very pleasing. Not only is Miss Erin a delightful person to keep company with, we are also pleased that someone so young and vibrant should wish to spend part of her precious weekend with Nellybert. There will be wine and cake. I shall drink the wine and Erin shall construct cake.

This has not been the only honour bestowed upon me in recent days. I had this published at The Bilerico Project thanks to the encouragement of that rascally confessor Father Tony.

For I do occasionally stop thinking about cake and wine. And now a bath and after that an episode of Deadwood.


Father Tony said...

Dear Nelly,

Make room for the half million monthly visitors to Bilerico. It's going to take a lot of cake to keep them happy.


Nelly said...

Me and that hot guy's daughter are up to the task.