Monday, March 22, 2010

The Year of the Wedding

I finally booked our plane tickets for Katy and Mark's wedding in June. Now all I've got to do is find my Mother of the Bride outfit.

But not this one. It's far too shiny and rather too Grandmother of the Bride for my liking. And the hat is perfectly hideous.

And Katy says I'm not allowed to wear a hat. But how can I be mother of the bride without a hat? Maybe a fascinator would be the thing? Maybe not. I'm fascinating enough without wearing one of those silly articles on my head. Anyway I've a head like a turnip. Best not to draw attention to it.

This is far too pale and not a bit interesting. The head dress is vile beyond belief.

Now this is a hat I could live with. Totally my dream outfit. And it won't show the dirt. Wedding here I come.


sageweb said...

I love that last outfit!

Ronni said...

They will love you, no matter what you wear.

Nelly said...

Sageweb - the last outfit has one drawback (only one) and that is, it is not very summery. It probably becomes Robin Weigart as Deadwood's Calamity Jane better than it would me. I reckon I could manage Jane's swaggering, lurching gait though. Especially after a glass or two of wine.

And Ronni, what a lovely thought that is. True too.

Anna said...

The question is, does that last outfit come in a pastel?

Enjoy the upcoming festivities. YOu will find the right outfit and everything will be amazing and wonderful.


FB said...

Good hunting. Our quest for an outfit for the Mammmy took about a month, and I drove more than 750 miles along the length and breadth of the country. And then we bought it in bloody Cloughmills.

Nelly said...

Anna - Calamity Janes's outfit starts of in pastel. But to get that lived-in look I'd have to drink two bottles of kentucky bourbon and roll around drunk in a steaming pile of horse dung.

FB - Cloughmills is as dear as poison. I'm going to try Magherafelt.

FB said...

Desprit times, desprit measures (but still cheaper than McK's).

Nelly said...

I shan't even look in McK's. Happily the daughter has says I can keep it simple.

Brighid said...

I'm so glad your going for something western ranch. Think you might enjoy a bit of:
Love their stuff, it's very sedate..