Monday, April 19, 2010


So, even though I wasn't wearing protective clothing, I thought I'd take a little film of our bees guarding, and orientating and foraging. Standing at a respectful distance with the zoom on resulted in blurred footage, so then I thought of leaving the camera running on their landing board.

One of the guard bees was most displeased and zoomed angrily around the camera. I reached over to turn it off and make my escape with it. The guard bee was still not happy and followed me, all the while buzzing around my head. Then it flew into my hair and I could feel its little wings birring against my neck. I remembered one of the things I'd been taught - honey bees do not like sudden movement or vibration - so I stood stock still. I felt calm. I reckoned that if I tried to get the bee out I'd certainly receive a sting and the bee would die in defense of the hive. But if I stood quiet the bee might fly away. And she did!

Bert was most impressed with me. He says the moment they come near him he flies up the field and bats them away and he always gets a sting.

Still - I'm for wearing the bee suit from now on. I'm even for wearing it to Katy's wedding. That's the mother of the bride outfit sorted!


Fresh Blade said...

There is something very relaxing about this video!
Glad your outfit is sorted, but is it not the bride's prerogative to wear white and a veil?

Nelly said...

Oh flip! I knew there had to be a snag.

Musings of Mel said...

Oh my goodness - that is my all time worst nightmare. A BEE! IN YOUR HAIR! ARRRRGHHHHHHH.

I really must work on my fear of bees & wasps as it is completely out of control and I'm 100 yeards away and screaming before I've even realised what's going on.

Nelly said...

Sure the worst it can do is sting ye. It hasn't got a gun or anything. The whirring wings were very tickly though. And it did sound awfully cross.

Oh! And Hannah says,


hootchinhannah said...

Oh Hannah says does she??! Well, yes, she does say BRING FUDGE but Nelly is also saying it too.

Also, Mel, I recall you telling me that your fear of bees and wasps had something to do with you accidentally squishing them on your arm and being covered in their pus and guts!!

Musings of Mel said...

Yes - this is true Hannah Banana. They freak me out but what freaks me out more is the image of seeing one on me and then trying to squish it and then it would be haf dead/half alive AND on my body. EURGH!!

They freak me out sooooooooooo bad.

Shame I didn't read this before I came over last weekend - in June I shall bring fudge!!