Wednesday, April 07, 2010

An Old-Fashioned Compliment

One of Matty's good friends believes that if you cannot say something uplifting then better to say nothing at all. This friend was in the house this evening and was doing a good job of cheering my old girl up as my old girl was in very middling form due to a sore stomach.
She cheered me up as well. First of all she admired my outfit which was a rather sombre black and charcoal rig. Then she admired my hair although it was lukewarm as I know she privately thinks it could do with a run of the scissors. And then she admired my figure.

Ye've lost weight for sure!

Indeed I have not. I have weight on.

Not a-tall! Sure you're like a scutching stick!

She was only out the door when Matty fell into despondency again. She's for the doctor tomorrow anyway so we decided there was little point in going to A&E for eight hours or bothering the Dalriada Doctor. I really do hope that was the right decision.

When her time comes Matty shall have this engraved on her tombstone.

Meanwhile I cheer myself with Sheena's words - I'm like a scutching stick.


Brighid said...

I had to look up scutching stick, so I learned my new word for the day. That was easy.
My mother will have the same head stone. LOL She has been on death's door for many years, so many that we all just ignore the constant complaining.

magsmcc said...

This townie shall have to look it up too!