Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Want To Be Alone

You know the sort of things you say to your significant other that are meant to be between just the two of you? Like, "Oh for fuck's sake, what's she doing here? I wish she'd come to visit Pearlie when I wasn't here." The sort of thing you'd rather she didn't hear. Well I blew that one today.

Problem is my inner sanctum, otherwise known as my bedroom, is directly above Pearlie's room which was, of course, my previous inner sanctum. When I am in my bedroom I hear everything that is going on in her room be it her whining at Bert, hearty carer conversations, Deal Or No Deal or general multi-purpose whinging. So when Favourite Niece burst in this afternoon when I was resting up a spell after a night on Matty duties I got more than a little irritated. Which meant I got up in a pet and said that thing to Bert which the Favourite Niece overheard.

Humble Pie- it is so yummy, so nourishing, truly it is soul food and fit for a wretch like me.

Did I mention that nineteen different people where at our house yesterday, or that sometimes I have a strong urge to Go Garbo? It's not that easy when you live in Paddy's Market.


Ronni said...

Ouch. Open mouth, insert foot. Been there, done that! If it's any consolation, I think you are managing heroically. I would have been a basket cast 3 months ago!

Nelly said...

Thanks Ronni. I think I'm keeping basket case at bay most of the time. Pig therapy is a great help. And alcohol!

Grannymar said...

You are a saint! If people call unannounced then they must put up with the fact that they might be intruding. It is YOUR home after all.

Stay cool!

Nelly said...

People calling unannounced is rather a feature of this house. Normally I don't mind but sometimes it gets a bit much. I do feel that Pearlie is entitled to her visitors - after all, she gets damn few of them as it is. I'm just a grump.