Friday, September 24, 2010

I Feel Alright

This morning, while waiting for Matty's discharge from Antrim Area Hospital, I 'fell till' the floors. Every single room in the house tidied, hoovered and mopped for the first time since the pup came. You'd want to be chasing that wee brute around with a mop and a bucket of Jeyes Fluid and up until today it has been maintenance only. Today all floors pristine and gleaming at the same time for at least half an hour.

Nellybert sits down to a lunch of Polish Shop Packet Soup and some rather elderly bagels (waste not, want not) and we're listening to music. My choice.

Bert: Who is that oul' cunt anyway?

Nelly: Junior Kimbrough.

Bert: D'ye see if he was in that room in there, playing that, I would go in there and catch him by the scruff of the neck and hoil him out into the yard. And I'd say to him, 'See here Mr Kimball, take yourself and your instruments and the rest of it and clear out!'

Nelly: Kimbrough. And if he was in that room in there playing that you'd be standing in the doorway with your mouth hanging open in amazement at how brilliant he is.

Bert: Dam sure I wouldn't. I actually find that hard to listen to. It hurts my ears.

Nelly: Maybe if you got the wax* cleared out of your ears it would help. The bass notes are probably making it reverberate and that's what is hurting them.

*The wax in Bert's ears is feeling happier as Mozart is playing now.


Anna said...

Isn't it a great feeling to sit in a well cleaned house and enjoy a lovely lunch? My floors are a bit sticky from canning; and, jars, rings, fruit and other paraphenalia litter the kitchen. I envy you your tidy home.

Don't know Kimbrough, so I can't judge whether he goes well with Polish soup and bagels. I do know that Mozart, like a fine wine, goes with everything. Dan is listening to some shit-kicking western right now.

Nelly said...

You know Mozart probably would have been better with Polish soup and Bagels that Kimbrough. He's a bit late-night, smoky bars and stuff.