Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rolling With The Pigs

Swear to God! That Miss Silly! All I said was - come on out with me, let's say goodnight to the pigs. You can take a picture of me, if it's good I might use it as my new profile pic. So we did and she did.

Then in the office this morning I hear this report.

That Nelly. You should have seen her. Rolling about the floor with those pigs in their shit and everything.

Now Miss Silly let me tell you this. Pigs are clean. We were in their sleeping area. No shit. Lily and Rusty are probably cleaner than we are.

Don't know about the profile pic though. They say people get to look like their pets and it seems I'm definitely developing a bit of a kune kune double chin. At least I don't have piri piri. Not yet anyway.


magsmcc said...

I love the pig posts. I think I could sit quitely happily beside a happy pig this September!

Anna said...

Adorable...just adorable. The look of love is unmistakable.

I love the pig posts, too. I looked for kune kunes at our county fair but found none.

Nelly said...

Those pigs are wonderful. There is only one other creature I set above them and that is the grandchild.