Thursday, September 23, 2010

There Are Many Ways To Put In An Evening

Bert: You've been out lying with those pigs again, haven't you?

Nelly: So what if I was? How d'ye know anyway?

Bert: You're all covered with straw up your back.

Nelly: So! What if I am?

Bert: Did they like it?

Nelly: No! They were raging at me disturbing their sleep. The tomatoes I brought them hardly made up for it.


El Capitan said...

Neither Betsy Cat nor Pookie Cat care much if I shove them aside on the couch and join their snooze.

I don't mind so much if Betsy Cat crawls on top of me and takes a nap. Something tells me I might not be OK with a pig doing the same thing!

Nelly said...

You wouldn't be. Pigs haven't soft little feet or sinuous bodies, they have hard, sharp feet and are built like mini Sherman tanks. It's challenging when they try and get in your lap.

Anna said...

Ah, yes, I have lain with a pig or two...didn't know it at the time, though... ;-)