Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chillage Village

I was a long way from Chillage Village on Thursday evening. With the help of a sweet young woman I found my way back.

Today I nearly completed my Christmas shopping. Antrim. Junction One. I waited in many queues and chilled. I did not panic. I did not get cross. I was sweet to the people who served me.

Tomorrow we move office. We go go-kart racing. We go to dinner. God help and protect me. It will be fine. I live in Chillage Village.


Elly Parker said...

Myself, the hubbie & grannymar were in Junction One yesterday too! I got to try the new Asda, it's a pretty decent size, and handy that it's so close to the rest of the shops.

Nelly said...

I wish I'd bumped into you. I was there from 2-4pm.