Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Busy Day (by Martha H.)

When my Mummy went back to work I realised that I too would have to get a job. The trouble was that I didn't have a lot of experience in the working world so I had to play to my strengths. There was one area where I knew I excelled and that was making old people happy and luckily, I know quite a few elderly folk so it made perfect sense to go out a couple of days a week and entertain the oldies. Thursday is Nellybert day. Nellybert to you that is. To me they are Granny Mary and Granda Bert. Today was hectic for I had an extra oldie to contend with as Auntie Hannah was there too. First thing on the agenda was to get all happed up and check on the outside world.
Those pigs are doing well. To tell you the truth I'm a wee bit apprehensive around them for they are rough. They always assume you've food on you and would walk through you to get at it. Still as long as they don't think I'm the food I'll be doing all right.

I've my wellies on and my snowsuit and the garden looks lovely and all but if Aunt Hannah thinks I'm tramping through it she can think again. Snow's nearly up to the top of my boots. It's like walking on the moon. Think I'll just sit here on this log.

Yes. I like this log.

I found this brush in the kitchen drawer. Just the job for grooming Fred.

I like Fred better than Holly. So I'll cuddle him.

Lunch time. I feed myself mostly but it pleases the old people to let them help. That is Aunt Hannah steadying my bowl of Popeye Pasta. Yum. My mummy is a wonderful cook.

Those bears never get a walk unless I take them. I expect Granny thinks she's got better things to do. But I care, even if she doesn't.

I like hats. If it pleases Granny to take pictures of me trying on new hats that's OK with me.

Then I have to feed Judy. It's pretend food but she likes it.

Granny looked a bit flat towards the end of the day. Thought a bit of art would liven us both up. She's got a lot to learn and I'm going to teach her.


Grannymar said...

Miss Martha is a real chip off the old block. I can see Thursdays are fun!

Nelly said...

Oh they are. I look forward to them.

Anonymous said...

excellent - love the commentary - London sister

Anonymous said...

Delightful diary! Little Ms. Martha is a perfect teacher of life's most important lesson -Love.

May you all be snug in its' warmth!


Brighid said...

Miss Martha knows about the proper care of Granny, and she's doing a wonderful job.

Nelly said...

She's the best for sure.

hootchinhannah said...

I am glad Freddy is getting lots of huggles in my absence. Martha is great at looking after the animals and you!

Zsuzsi said...

Cute, cuute, cuuute!: )
and sitting on the log is 'just' sweet